An Internet Phone line from the Utility Warehouse provides peace of mind

Need a phone line available at all times? Perhaps you have elderly relatives or want to make sure your children can contact you in an emergency? An Internet Phone line from the Utility Warehouse provides a dedicated extra line giving you complete peace of mind whenever you need to be on call!

Do you travel a lot? Perhaps you have a home abroad? With Internet Phone from the Utility Warehouse, you could make free calls to any land-line number in the UK and many international land-line destinations including Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain and the USA. Plus, friends and family can call you on your Internet Phone – at UK rates. Ask me for full details, terms and conditions.

Want an extra phone line but without the hassle of getting a new line installed? The Utility Warehouse Internet Phone is your answer! There’s no engineer involved, no software to install, no headset to wear, no extra hassle – just a little adaptor that you plug into your broadband router and you’re away!

Just imagine – with the Utility Warehouse Internet Phone – you could make free calls to any landline number in the UK and top international destinations from anywhere in the world!

With the Utility Warehouse’s Internet Phone service, you can call friends, family and colleagues wherever you are in the world! All you need is fixed internet access. Take four main services from the Utility Warehouse (from Home Phone, Broadband, Mobile, Gas and Electricity) and you’ll benefit from unlimited free ‘anytime’ calls to UK landlines and 10 top international destinations from overseas!

‘Fair use’ policy applies to calls to unlimited free calls. See for full details, terms and conditions.

An extra line from £2 a month? Using the latest technology, the Utility Warehouse can now offer customers an extra phone line from just £2 line rental per month all you need is a fixed broadband internet service.

For a one-off connection charge of just £50, the Utility Warehouse will provide you with a brand new additional phone number. They will also send you a special telephone adapter which you simply plug into your internet router, and then plug into your phone. That’s all there is to it.

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