How an Internet phone works and why you need one!

Using the latest internet technology, the Utility Warehouse can provide you with an extra landline number at home, or a UK landline number at a second home overseas. Unlike a normal landline, it connects to the internet. It’s called Internet Phone!

The Utility Warehouse Internet Phone is a home phone line with several key benefits:

Line rental starts at just £2 per month
Make and receive calls anywhere in the world where you have fixed internet access
It’s free to receive calls
Calls made are charged at low Home Phone rates – huge savings compared to other major suppliers.

Internet Phone is simple! You get an extra landline phone number and can use it wherever you have an internet connection. All calls are charged at the Utility Warehouse’s low Home Phone rates.

Anyone calling your Internet Phone pays the same price as they pay for dialling any standard UK landline. And if they’re a Utility Warehouse Discount Club member, calls will be free! It’s a great way for friends, family, in fact – anyone – to keep in touch!

Internet Phone is by far the cheapest way to get an extra home phone line. All you need is a broadband internet service.

Internet Phone is a landline number that thinks it’s a mobile! It’s a UK landline number that travels with you and allows you to make and receive calls anywhere in the world! With the Utility Warehouse’s free call allowance, you can make free calls wherever you are!

You can use Internet Phone at home, in the office, in a café or hotel – absolutely anywhere in the world you have a fixed internet connection.

Teenage children always using your phone line? Internet Phone line is the solution! With line rental from just £2 per month, you’ll receive an extra phone line and benefit from low cost call charges.

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